When to apply retinol serum

When to apply retinol serum?

Retinol is a member of the retinoids family and is made from vitamin A. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, fades acne spots, discoloration, and imperfections, and speeds up collagen formation in the skin. Thus, it is a prominent component in numerous anti-aging serums and moisturizers. 

When considering when to use retinol serum in your routine, you must know that it should be used at night. Even though retinol is a reasonably effective remedy for reversing harm, its application might significantly affect the final results. It is essential to consult a medical professional before using retinol, as this product may cause the skin to become dry and turn reddish. 

When to start using retinol serum?

Although retinol serum is widely available and simple to use, there are some factors to consider before using this well-liked skin care treatment. After using retinol, the skin is more vulnerable to sunlight. Therefore, it should only be used at night. It is usually seen in black packaging because it also degrades in sunshine. Sun protection throughout the day is crucial, even though retinol is put on at night.

·         Start using it in your twenties. 

When it comes to including anti-aging combinations into your daily skincare regimen, age 30 is considered an ideal criterion; however, most specialists suggest starting retinol use in your early to late 20s. The whole point of using retinol is to prevent rather than treat aging symptoms after age. By starting early, you may age elegantly and naturally.

·         Add Retinol serum to your Skin Care. 

Retinol-containing serums may initially cause discomfort if applied regularly or if the formula is too strong. As such, you need to gradually include them in your daily skincare routine. Give your skin time to get used to the retinol serum by gradually increasing the amount you use of a natural serum. Start with a pea-sized amount and apply it at least once or twice a week.

·         Use a sunscreen

It is essential to use sunscreen while using retinol serums since sun rays decrease the effects of retinol and make your skin more susceptible to harmful UV rays.

·         Keep an eye out for side effects.

Although your skin will adjust to retinol, you can encounter specific side effects such as minor discomfort, dehydration, and hypersensitivity to the sun. However, extreme flaking, inflammation, and burning are not the symptoms you will see often.

·         Never give up on yourself. 

The areas around your neck are noted for showing aging signs. Pay special attention to these areas when using retinol serum. If these delicate skin areas, choose a very mild formulation designed particularly for them or dab on some anti-aging cream before using it.

The bottom line 

Retinol serum is a wonder skin care treatment for acne, dark spots, and fine lines. It is available in a variety of formulations and concentrations. When using it first, use a low concentration at night and once every two days. Slowly increase the frequency and strength over time. The chance of skin irritation will reduce as a result.

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