Tiny Skincare Tweaks For Insanely Better Skin

Tiny Skincare Tweaks For Insanely Better Skin

One small change to your skincare regimen = One giant leap forward for its look and feel...

As is often the case, skincare routines can quickly become routines - and that's okay! When your skin seems to perform as desired, why disrupt its routines?

TruSkin knows the value of consistency is undeniable and we all strive for it in our daily skincare regimens. But even the most meticulous superhero can always find room for improvement when it comes to skincare - be it adding in extra treatment serums as you age (*note to self*), washing sheets more regularly (*note to self), or anything else! No matter what your routine may look like now or in the future. We all can always strive for more.

Read on for some quick and effortless ways to upgrade your skincare regime without costing a cent! These hacks won't even cost any extra - making this an easy, stress-free way to upgrade your routine!

First, Detox Your Beauty Cabinet

Have you taken a hard look at your product collection recently to determine what gets used and what results can be seen? If the answer lies anywhere between six months ago and never, now's the time to change that.

Products have an indefinite shelf-life; generally speaking, they should be consumed within one year after opening them. If you are uncertain how long a serum has been sitting around in your cabinet, apply some to the back of your hand and see if anything smells off, has changed color, or looks separated; then throw it away immediately - using outdated products on your skin can lead to unexpected side effects that are best avoided by disposing of anything that has become outdated and unopened as quickly as possible.

Simply put, there's no point in buying products past their prime, nor should you rely on 20+ skincare products that could oversaturate and cause skin irritation. Instead, simplicity is best. By basic, we don't mean using just bar soap and an insufficient moisturizer; cleansers, eye treatments, serum(s), moisturizer(s), night cream, and sunscreens should suffice - this combination provides the optimal combination.

Read Your Labels

It can be tempting to assume that since you've been taking good care in maintaining the health of your skin for some time now, that everything should go as expected without needing to read labels for advice. After all, what could go wrong? Since your skin is extremely resilient and has never experienced an allergic reaction from any product before, why should it be necessary to familiarize yourself with an unfamiliar skincare formulation's ingredients and instructions? Well, the key thing to keep in mind is that each skincare formula differs significantly. Washing your face might seem simple enough, but a new cleanser could contain powerful active ingredients that could cause skin irritation if used without being tested first. Or perhaps its application requires applying it on dry skin before being rinsed off with water; without doing your research beforehand you might never know!

Take just a minute (it won't take that long!) and read any new skincare labels before trying products for the first time, and also ensure you are applying existing ones correctly. Who knows? Maybe something new may arise and your skin will thank you.

Rush Your Cleanser For An Additional Minute

Hurrying through your skincare regimen can be a waste of time, both because applying products should be enjoyable rather than laborious and also because taking more than an extra minute in cleansing will bring many advantages.

Cleansing can often be treated as something to be quickly completed before moving on to more important skincare routines such as serums and moisturizers. That would be a serious mistake; cleanser is at the core of great skin health by eliminating potentially pore-clogging debris while priming your skin to absorb and maximize benefits from other parts of your routine. Do it poorly or too quickly, however, and it won't deliver great results; that is the harsh reality.

Take Your Time. Just a couple of minutes is all it takes to release yourself from built-up dirt, oil, sweat, and makeup. Pick one of three amazing formulations we offer here (we offer three fantastic choices!) and apply it on damp skin using your hands and pads of fingers; sweep across the face and neck using stroking, and lifting motions while massaging circularly to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage for improved skin radiance! Honestly, there is no easier way of improving its radiance!

Swerve the Hand Towel

Being mindful of the quality and cleanliness of your hand towel is an effective way to improve your skincare regimen. Old or dirty towels may harbor bacteria and germs which could wreak havoc with your skin, particularly if you suffer from breakouts.

Establish a specific towel to use when drying your face - no pooled bath or hand towels allowed! Cotton blend towels offer the ideal combination of softness, absorbency, and gentle exfoliation - be sure to clean after every other use (not every day!) and replace every few years.

Layer Up

Skincare layering can be an amazing way to amplify your skincare regimen without incurring too much inconvenience, by easily adding in extra hydration, antioxidant protection, strengthening, or acne-fighting ingredients without disrupting the balance in your routine.

But, if you do want to try this route, make sure your order is accurate.

Under normal conditions, the thinnest products should be applied first before the thickest products. Therefore, this means the following order of application: cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, facial oil, and sunscreen.

Keep this in mind when using AHAs, BHAs, retinol, and vitamin C products - their potency could easily overwhelm your skin - leading to redness, dryness, excess oils, and/or irritation. Take it easy when applying serums containing these potency ingredients; only apply one or two at once (though investing in two or more may help target different concerns; we love pairing Vitamin C Facial Serum with Retinol Facial Serum as we find they pair nicely). Apply one every alternate day or use both simultaneously - both are equally potency!

Use our Retinol Serum

Wear Sunglasses Daily

Okay, this may not technically count as skincare but sunglasses can help to protect the delicate eye skin from premature aging, making them an easy and stylish way to help defend against further sun damage - not to mention you probably already own several pairs! So make the most out of what's already yours by donning them even on cloudy days?

Eyelid skin is thinner and more delicate than that on other parts of your face, leaving it less capable of providing adequate protection from UV rays from the sun - something which should be considered both sunnier and cloudier days alike. Protective measures must therefore not only be put into effect during sunny weather.

Make sure that every time you step outside, your eyes are safe from UVA and UVB rays with sunglasses offering both UVA and UVB protection. Plastic frames offer more effective coverage against damaging sunlight rays; also opt for mirrored lenses over tinted ones as these provide greater defense from those pesky UV rays.

Trust us; this is an effective way to combat visible signs of aging around your eyes, especially if combined with daily eye treatments like Peptide Eye Gel. You'll soon be smiling!

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