What To Do If You Hate Those Fine Lines Around Your

What To Do If You Hate Those Fine Lines Around Your

Staying Ahead (Or At Least Achieve Control Of) Lines And Wrinkles Around Your Mouth Isn't So Impossible When Equipped With the Proper Skincare...

Wrinkles and lines are inevitable as we age; in our opinion, however, they shouldn't be seen as something to fear. That being said, that doesn't mean working to minimize visible signs of skin aging - after all, that's what skincare is here for!

Now, let's tackle how to deal with those pesky fine lines above your mouth. Not to be confused with laugh lines (which run from your nose down into your mouth), vertical fine lines commonly occur between the nose and top lip but may also appear underneath the mouth - you know the ones - that used to disappear after puckering up but now do not. What gives?

Your lips are an extremely delicate area that is vulnerable to movement from speaking, laughing, and other facial expressions. Couple this with age-related loss of collagen and elastin as well as environmental damage (hello Miss Sunshine! ), and lips' skin can take quite the beating from aging.

There are plenty of effective strategies for preventing lines around your mouth from developing; and even if they already exist, there are still steps you can take to minimize their severity. Herein, are our top five suggestions.

5 Ways To Combat Wrinkles Around Your Mouth

  • Protect, Protect, Protect

  • With regards to skin aging, prevention is of utmost importance - and that applies equally well when it comes to caring for and around your mouth as other parts of the face or hands that regularly face sunlight exposure.

    Protection is at the forefront of prevention; protecting yourself from sun damage should be your top priority. No gimmick here: the sun is the primary cause of lines, wrinkles, and dark spots - an estimate by the Skin Cancer Foundation stands at around 90%! Another stat to back this claim up: those using daily sunscreen with SPF 15+ show 24 percent visibly reduced signs of skin aging than those who don't apply sunscreen daily - need we say more?

    Rules are straightforward when it comes to applying sunscreen: use it daily and avoid missing areas around your mouth, such as SPF 30+ formulations with mineral sunscreen ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Also, invest in sun-protective lip balm or gloss so your lips won't miss out.

    2. Consider Applying A Targeted Antioxidant Serum

    Prevention and protection don't just involve flipping the bird to that big ball of fire in the sky; other environmental and lifestyle factors can cause collagen breakdown that damages skin tissue as well.

    Pollution, for one, is one of the main sources of free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced when your skin comes into contact with damaging substances (UV radiation, pollution, sugar-laden diet, or lack of sleep) that damage collagen, elastin and DNA molecules, leading to damage known in skin science as "oxidative stress." Oxidative stress causes premature lines and wrinkles by speeding up natural aging processes as well as setting you on your path toward premature lines and wrinkles.

    At least we can take comfort in knowing that for every free radical out there, there's an equally potent antioxidant to neutralize them before they have time to do damage. Vitamin C, E, and B3 (niacinamide) are excellent options as are retinol, botanical hyaluronic acid, and plant oils containing natural antioxidants.

    What we suggest here is straightforward. Purchase and apply a topical antioxidant serum such as Vitamin C Serum to both your face and neck skin - specifically around your mouth area.

    3. Try A Smoothing Mouth Massage 

    We love giving ourselves a two-minute cleansing massage in the shower every morning to wake up our skin but sometimes neglect our lips - a big mistake.

    Do not underestimate the significance of facial massage for improving your complexion. Not only can it increase blood flow and oxygen to the surface of the skin, but it can also activate collagen production to strengthen and firm it further.

    YouTube offers many videos on how to perform a mouth massage effectively to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and laugh lines. A straightforward method for accomplishing this goal is applying a small drop of facial oil onto clean hands before using circular strokes on the pads of your fingers to massage around your mouth in circular movements from cupid's bow out towards corners of the mouth - repeat for a few times and do the same under your mouth as well.

    Aren't you a fan of facial oils? Our fabulously rich Vitamin C Deep Hydration Night Cream may be more your style - with ingredients known to support skin restoration while you sleep!

    4. Avoid Smoking... And Straws! 

    Smoking is harmful to both your health and your skin. Tobacco contains many harmful compounds that can ruin its texture, tone, elasticity, firmness, and even its color - sometimes to such an extent that 40-year-old heavy smokers' complexion resembles that of 70-year-old nonsmokers! Ouch!

    Smoking increases free radical formation, accelerates inflammation, breaks down collagen, and reduces blood flow to your skin; it can also leave its mark by leaving smokers' lines around your lips. Smokers' lines form due to frequent puckering of lips which requires specific muscles in your mouth which results in skin crinkling resulting in smokers' lines that deepen and become more permanent over time - they have no redeeming value; don't smoke and they won't exist anymore!

    "Smokers' lines" don't just affect smokers; an unexpected source can also contribute to this wrinkled effect: drinking from a straw too frequently. Sipping from this narrow tube mimics the puckering action associated with smoking cigarettes, leaving similar wrinkles around your lips as time goes on. Instead, drink regular glasses or cups to prevent wrinkled lips!

    5. Consider A Chemical Peel 

    Are your mouth wrinkles becoming deeper day by day and becoming a source of frustration? One solution could be chemical peels - in-office procedures that resurface the skin by stripping away its outermost layers to promote healing and reduce appearances such as lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. They come in light, medium, or deep formats depending on your concerns, requirements, ingredients used, and type used - though their side effects could include irritation, redness, and swelling which should pass quickly over time and are worth considering given their advantages over downsides!

    Microdermabrasion and micro-needling treatments offered at doctors' offices may also help. Dermal fillers may also provide excellent solutions to plump up the mouth area, adding structure while softening folds and wrinkles.

    Remember, these procedures must always be administered by certified professionals. Do your research, and only trust your face with those with proven expertise.

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