5 Centuries-Old Skincare Tricks

5 Centuries-Old Skincare Tricks

Even as much as we appreciate cutting-edge skincare technology and innovative ingredients, sometimes the old beauty tricks remain our favorites.

As you age, it becomes apparent that mom/grandma/Auntie May was right about many things. Their tight toilet paper rationing may have seemed questionable at times (what were they thinking?) while their fun meter was often off (according to you!), but when it came to caring for their skin they may have had something worthwhile to teach you.

Back then, skincare was much simpler: no Botox or laser facials were available and the closest they got to treatment serum was cooking oil in their kitchen cabinets. Yet there's much to be said for simple things. We embrace innovative ingredients and revolutionary skincare technology but there's something beautiful in using old-school strategies passed down through generations - they work.

Read on for five classic beauty hacks that would be beneficial in adding to your skincare regimen.

1. Sleep on Silk

Ten years ago, most likely you didn't give much thought to what kind of pillowcase you slept on; surely it made no difference? It does make a difference, as evidenced by the surge in satin and silk pillowcase sales (not to mention TikTok videos about them!) indicating this beauty trick's reappearance.

What gives? According to The Sleep Foundation, cotton, linen, or flannel pillowcases feature a rough surface that causes friction against your skin when tossing and turning throughout the night, potentially crushing and folding it against it and leaving permanent lines or wrinkles etched into it. A silk pillowcase's smooth, slippery surface allows your skin to glide over it more freely with much less friction between sheets - and possibly fewer lines and wrinkles! Silk is also said to absorb less moisture from skin than cotton thus helping your hair remain better hydrated during sleep! So there you have something.

Silk pillowcases may seem luxurious; however, their price tag and hand-washing requirements make them less budget- and vegan-friendly than satin options. Satin can provide just as many skin and hair benefits without breaking your budget or needing hand washing; furthermore, they are machine-friendly too! Luckily, satin options offer just as many skin and hair care benefits while being more cost-effective, vegan-friendly, and washing machine-safe than their silk counterparts.

2. The Magic Of Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been recognized for its beneficial effects on both skin and hair due to its rich antioxidant and fatty acid content, providing vital protection from environmental aggressors like sun exposure and pollution while fortifying barrier function by skin's barrier function and moisturizing the surface level. Your mother likely used olive oil regularly before bed to relieve dryness while "feeding" the skin through the night.

Olive oil may not be suitable for everyone. Since it sits atop your skin, olive oil can help relieve dehydration and dryness as well as remove makeup quickly, and provide relief to people suffering from eczema. But for those with oily or acne-prone skin, this layer of oil could clog pores and further exacerbate breakouts.

If you don't like applying pure olive oil directly onto your face, we understand and have just the solution: Vitamin C Super Serum+ featuring olive oil squalane! Nice.

3. Witch Hazel to Tone

Ask any older relative who's taken an active interest in caring for their skin and they will likely recall using witch hazel as an after-cleansing toning treatment.

Witch hazel is extracted from the bark and leaves of a small tree native to Asia and North America called witch hazel, known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant compounds that make it such an ideal natural astringent and topical treatment for hemorrhoids, dandruff, bug bites, and acne symptoms. As a bonus, it also makes an effective house cleaner! But we digress...

Witch hazel can be an amazing healing agent and great for oily skin balancing, yet in its pure state can be very potency. Instead, take advantage of its benefits while taking care of your complexion by choosing our Ocean Minerals Daily Face Super Toner which combines it with other powerful components like vitamin C and glycolic acid to provide the maximum benefit to you!

4. Nice Ice Baby

We hate to break it to you Tiktokers out there, but skin icing isn't something new! Hollywood makeup artists have long touted the benefits of using ice cubes to reduce puffiness and reveal glowing skin - it has long been passed down from generation to generation.

Cold water or ice to brighten, tone, smooth, and depuff your complexion makes intuitive sense. After all, cold temperatures constrict capillaries which stimulates blood circulation to encourage oxygen and nutrients to reach the surface more readily. But you must use cold temperatures correctly; otherwise, they could cause redness, irritation, or dehydration if applied carelessly.

As a first step, it's wise to avoid applying actual ice cubes directly to your skin as this could strip away natural oils, damaging its barrier function and potentially even leading to burns - never fun. Instead, wrap ice cubes in a soft handkerchief or cloth and gently rub in circular motions across your skin for five minutes maximum - always using clean skin - we like using our Soothing Cleansing Milk beforehand as a pretreatment!

Make life even simpler: invest in some ice globes - glass or metal wands with balls on their ends that can be stored in your fridge or freezer and used to massage skin without creating a melty mess! They provide all of the benefits associated with cold temperatures without creating a melty mess!

5. The Classic Eye Depuffer 

Speaking of cold things, can anyone recall their mother or older sister lying on their bed and using either teabags, potatoes, or cucumber slices on their eyes to depuff? Classic. But this age-old beauty trick should be respected.

Reducing puffiness, tiredness, and dark circles by contracting blood vessels. Light pressure helps drain excess fluid. Plus the stress-relieving benefits of lying down and enjoying some me-time are hard to beat!

What you use is ultimately up to you, but cucumber slices have an abundant water content which helps increase moisture in the area under your eyes, while potatoes contain skin-brightening enzymes. Cold tea bags offer another great remedy. Depending on which variety is chosen (chamomile is great at soothing redness while lavender tea may provide relief from dryness). Green and black tea contain caffeine so they should be your first stop when tightening skin or reducing under-eye bags.

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